330 Wainwright chases completed

Another big thankyou to Andrew G4VFL for helping me complete the final fell I needed for the chased all 330 Wainwrights award.


Hi Derek,

Congratulations on achieving the chasing of all 330 Wainwright summits. A fantastic achievement. It may have taken a bit of time but you got there in the end!

Hopefully there will be others who can also achieve it.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Tnx Geoff, Raven’s Barrow although a short walk is nether the less quite steep and by the time I joined Andrew up there time was getting on so I got my contacts but forgot about the photos, the posted snap is on the second fell we did, Scout Scar. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Derek I know you’ve been waiting a while to get those last few!

We hope to catch you from a summit sometime soon.

Karen (and Neil)

Congratulations Derek. Superb achievement.

Lee - 2E0DNW

congratulations derek well done mate all you need now is to finish of the last 30 or so outside Wainwrights as a activator
73 reg

Well done Derek! Hope to catch you from a summit soon.


Well done @2E0MIX great achievement!

Good one, Derek. I remember you completing the 214 activations as well. Great antenna support in that picture. Such a structure would come in handy on a windswept top, where there’s barely a stone, never mind a handy cairn or trig point. 73, Phil