A walk to wish on one's worst enemy

or this is how mr wainwright described this walk!

a view across Derwentwater from the path up Walla crag Keswick from the summit my first contact was john g0tdm its the first time i have spoken to him since the lockdown follow by derek 2e0mix the path over to Bleaberry fell a easy path but steep near the top the summit of High Seat but getting across was very boggy in places but the bog from High Seat to HighTove was 10 times worse you could go missing in there and never be seen again i sank up to my knees trying to get across looking back to High Seat from High Tove not very far but energy sapping stuff in the bog but my feet now wet it was easier just to walk right through it Watendlath Tarn barbecue on the top of surprise view this was a walk not to be recommended only as a penance for ones sins

Hi Reg,

At least you got them out of the way! I wonder what the route would be like after prolonged rain!! I take it you did Amboth fell as well? Great pictures. I have only done Walla Crag do the others are someting to look forward to!!!

You will have to tell me about your route next time we speak on simplex.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Great photos Reg good to see your back out and even having a barbecue :grin:, well done would of been nice to catch you but was at work :roll_eyes: :+1:

Looks like a great spot for a BBQ @2e0ldf Reg.

Cheers, Mark.

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Armboth Fell is a must on this walk Reg so I hope you did it or you have to go back…

The second round I did I omitted Amboth Fell as I was leading a group of Ramblers on a holiday week we had at HF Holidays, Derwentwater Hotel in November, 2012 or 2013 it would have been. A bus driver from York who was a member of the Ramblers, was with us. He fell head first, flat out into one of the bogs, and I and two others had to pull him out as he was a big guy. No harm done, just one very muddy man indeed!

First round I got a great photo of a frog in the dip wetland below Armboth. 2nd picture XYL Judy with Armboth rock top in background…

73 Phil G4OBK

hi phil yes i did take in armboth as well i followed the path so far down to thirlmere and made a bee line across the bog for the summit it’s another that mr wainwright’s top is not the high point,
it also meant i had to go back through the bog to high tove and drop down in to watendlath and put on some dry socks i had in my rucksack for the long walk back on the road to falcon crag where the car was parked
73 reg 2e0ldf

You did right to carry a spare pair of socks Reg!

73 Phil