Activation of Grisedale Pike cancelled

Unfortunately we had to miss out Grisedale Pike today as weather conditions turned very bad when we were on Hopegill Head. A decision was made to descend via Sand Hill and Gasgale Gill back to the car.

We had no views whatsoever. In fact visibility was down to about 10 yards and then the rain started. Very heavy i might add at times.

73’s Geoff



It sounded like yourself and Reg were already up against the elements on Whiteside Geoff , a good decision to postpone , and there’s always next time .
The only bit of drama I had yesterday not long after speaking to you was when a helicopter landed in front of us , and two base jumpers exited and launched themselves off into the valley below .
Best wishes.
Richard M7MGO

Can’t say I blame you Geoff. It looked a bit ropey from where I was.