Away from the crowds Lank Rigg

Lank Rigg activated yesterday from the Cold fell road parked by the cattle grid…took the long track which I think is called Heckbarley to the foot of Whoap. Over Whoap and then the main fell Lank Rigg with some great views and hardly anyone to be seen.
From Lank Rigg I heard lots of stations from all over but getting back to them was a different story with 5w on the ft3d. On the way back dropping back down Whoap I was having a crack with Reg 2E0LDF but this time using my back up radio a Baofeng, at this time I fell into a bog and the radio was submerged for a while so its now drying out (I blame Reg :grinning:)
Was a good walk with some amazing views along the way but dont think the Iphone really captures it all.

All 2mtrs fm

M7XUP (ascending and out of breath… Skiddaw)
2E0FQN (Skiddaw summit)
Also hearing a special event station GV0MHG in Yorkshire but couldn’t break his pile up.


hi mike
i remember the logs and wet feet well from the walk,its a good job you dropped the baofeng and not the ft3d,the audio sounded funny but it was still working after being submerged
the photos are spot on mike
73 reg

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the contact. Sorry it was a quick QSO but was having dinner! I was working you crossband so was away from the main shack.

The photos are excellent. Crag Fell, Grike and Lank Rigg are 3 i have fancied doing for a few years now especially as 2 of the are HEMA summits as well as WOTA’s.

Not so good stepping in a bog especially with a radio as well. At least it was not the FT-3D!

Look forward to working you again soon.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Nice on Mike,

Our of breath was I, eh? Yeah, I was, also breathing through the other end as it were! Two hours or there about’s up hill - will be days before I recover.

Great photos.

All the best