Fellbarrow and Low fell

Some more low lying fells bagged yesterday after work and another rushed activation, great views from these two fells. Only used the stock antenna on the ft3d but wish I had taken the flowerpot antenna because a Irish station was coming back to me on Fellbarrow but couldn’t work out his call.

All contacts 2m fm

Fellbarrow LDW-199


Low Fell LDW-196 G/LD042



hi mike
the photos are fine you can’t predict the wx changing if it had only the light stayed the same on Low Fell that you had on Fellbarrow the photos down Crummock Water would have been superb.

that’s the best time for photos over both lakes when the sun is behind you
73 reg

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Hi Mike,

What cracking photos. Again 2 more fells i need to do. Missed you on Fellbarrow as was having dinner and did not realise. However great to get you on Low Fell.

Look forward to working you again.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

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Well done for another great outing Mike!

I am currently ‘dan saff’ for a few days visiting my mum for the first time in 9 months. I did nip out this morning for the 20 minute walk up Dunstable Downs which is HEMA G/HCE-010 and believe me the number of times I had to correct myself from saying G/LD-010 !! The FT-817 was working well with my minimal setup using 6m pole and SOTABeams Quadbander.

I’m also very close to Moonraker and might end up biting the bullet before the visit is over and buying a Diamond X50N and associated hardware to finally get a permanent VHF/UHF antenna up at home!

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