Just when you think you have seen it all

it was a nice sunny morning so i decided to go up Binsey lwd 109 and G/ld 041 just to help the fitness
it only took 40 minutes to get up with out having to stop once i was well pleased
i had 8 contacts
after i went QRT i took some measurements with the anemometer the wind speed was 15 miles an hour with -3.4 wind chill the gusts of 20 miles an hour and -4.8 wind chill
then a group of people came to the summit all in there early 30’s one young lady had a long coat on the sort you would go out in, not on the fells tucked in the front was a baby may be 3 months old followed by a little girl 3 years old? in a thin rain type suit no hat or gloves
one of the men was carrying another baby perhaps 8 months old on this back in a carry frame
i had 2 jumpers a fleece an mountain equip quilt coat hat and gloves, it makes you wonder what some folks think is safe?
73 reg

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Sorry to have missed you Reg. 8 from Binsey is quite good going. I agree about windchill, and have underestimated it myself before now. Not good. I get dismayed when you find little kids unhappy on the fells, even babies crying from cold and discomfort. Any parent can get things wrong sometimes, but underestimating the fells when in charge of bambinos but not opting to retreat to safety and comfort is not on. 73, Phil