Pike o'stickle via stake pass

i left the car at 8:00 to walk to stonethwaite i was the fourth car on my return this road was blocked with cars i could not believe how inconsiderate some people are langstrath valley with Esk Pike and Bowfell in the mist Pike o’stickle from martcrag moor the final approach requiring the use of hand and scramble up it is said that stone axes were found on the scree looking arcoss to Bowfell Esk Pike Great End and Great Gable with Rossett Pike in the middle foreground looking over to the next summit Loft crag looking down in to langdale looking over to Harrison Stickle from Loft crag and the view back to Pike O’stikle it only takes 10 minutes to get across its that close and easy looking to Pavey Ark on the right with the Helvellyn range in the distance Great End and Great Gable on the way from Thunacar Knott to High Raise it was surprise to see so much water on the tops after the long dry spell summit of High Raise and by now the heat was taking its toll on me its all down hill now but at the bottom is Greenup Edge and the moraines(another big bog) the last leg 2 miles back to stonethwaite in the heat it was hard i ran out of water so had to fill my bottle in one of the many fast flowing streams not the best thing to do but i had no option when i did get back to the car i was blocked in and had to do some fancy manoeuvring to get out and the drive up borrowdale had cars left in daft places and police putting blue tape around them the route i took approx 10 mile

Hi Reg,

Great photos. Your photos of Pike o’Stickle, Loft Crag, Harrison Stickle etc reminded me of the time i did the Langdale Pikes back in July 2011. It was great to work you on all the summits that day. If i had been at work in Carlisle i would not have heard you at all.

Certainly a tough walk in that heat. Look forward to working you again.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Well done Reg great photos looks like you had a good walk out…10miles in the heat is not easy shame I missed you again.