Some old photos that i have been scanning

with the suspension of the WOTA site i had a sort out of some old slide and scan them on to the computer and have decided to post some of them on discourse for any one to see

a very young 18 year old me or (52 years ago)

leading a climb on Bowfell

again me on the sharp end on the classic climb Napes Needle Great Gable

Shepherd’s crag Borrowdale

Black Crag its one of those crags with some weird names like the wreath the mortician the mortuary the coffin obituary grooves i was never sure if it was to put you off or make you think it was harder it was

the top of Great Round How above Buttermere on a summers evening it a crag that’s now fallen of of favour

Cust’s gully Great End

my mate leading me up Ravens crag gully it’s probably the hardest climb’s i ever did

in the queue for Striding Edge on Helvellyn

Harrison Stickle on the left and we were on how’re way to go up Jack;s Rake on Pavey Ark on the right
this picture was all so on the front cover of Lakeland magazine

time for a coffee to warm up
above Blea Water

on Scales Fell heading for Sharp Edge on Blencathra

and the last photo ,there’s no prizes for guessing this one most activators have been past it
the fell in the background is Blencathra
73 reg 2e0ldf


Hi Reg,

Absolutely brilliant photos! I was never a rock climber! I had a friend of mine who was and he tried to get me up pillar rock but i chickened out!!

I am thing the Blea Water is the one below High Street. It is the deepest tarn in the Lake District.

The last photo is the stile you get over to walk to Lonscale Fell i think. It is on the main path to Skiddaw. At least that what it looks like. Fantastic scenery with all the snow.

73’s Geoff


Fantastic. Sunny every day! P

Thanks for the photos Reg, great to see your activities.

It’s a good job that I’ve never really fancied rock climbing as I think, at 51, I’d be a bit gutted that I’d missed the boat. It’s a shame I discovered the Lake District fells as late on as I have in life, but I’ve certainly tried to make up for it since!

Kind regards, Mark. M0NOM

Some big :soccer: :softball: :football: needed for those climbs Reg…awesome stuff and great photos :clap: :ok_hand:

Hi Reg

Much the same as Mark @M0NOM also in my case… I’ll stick to climbing trees to fix aerials in them which I can still manage. Who needs a climbing wall hihi

Interesting photos of your past brave activities of which I believe most of us were not aware of… respect for sure.

Congratulations to Reg on qualifying for Book 3 Central Fells Activator Award - ACF-007. The first award issued to a Central Fells Activator since Karen 2E0XYL in July 2014. Onward and upward…

73 Phil G4OBK

Congratulations @2e0ldf - a well earned award!
Mark. M0NOM

Super photos Reg, Thanks for sharing them.

Hi Reg.

These are some stunning pictures. I’m pleased you got the old scanner out to share them with us all.

Hope to see you all back at the club sometime this year.

73 - Lee 2E0DNW.

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hi lee its good to hear from you and that you are following the WOTA site, it would be nice to catch up at the club but i don’t think that will happen any time soon, you could try the club net 7oclock of a wednesday night
73 reg 2e0ldf.

I’ll certainly give it a try Reg. Been out for a wander today and caught Matthew up on Mellbreak, so my chasing is off to a great start this year:-)

Happy New Year all,

73 - Lee 2E0DNW