Winter walk in the snow

i normally pack in walking at this time of year but with all the lockdowns my fitness level is not what it would be so i decided to go for a local summit of Eel crag its a walk i have done before so estimated it would take 2 hours + - 15 minutes but i did not take in to account the thin patchy ice that made progress slow i did have crampons with me but it was not worthwhile putting them on for short stretches and once i got higher it was hard snow which was fine except i kept doing through the top surface which was hard going. by the time i got on to the summit of sail fell LDW 050 i was behind on time and visibility was right down to a few yards the wind speed was 12 miles an hour and -6 degrees so abandoned going up on to Eel crag
i made contact with the following station
G1OHH–G7CDA–2E0XUP new call sign from m6xup–M0NOM

the start path is over on the right of the empty car park
SAIL FELL on the left EEL CRAG to the right and at this stage i thought i was in for so great photos with the new CANON CAMERA
the path up to sail pass with lots of patchy snow and ice
but the mist was rising faster than me
approaching the summit of SAIL FELL and go no higher up
me on the summit of SCAR CRAGS LDW 101
i got the following in the log G1OHH–M0NOM–G7CDA-G1OAE–G4WHA/M–GOTDM–G0ORO-2E0MIX
looking back along the ridge to Scar Crages
the summit of CAUSEY PIKE LDW 119
all good strong signals to me and made it worth while in the cold and mist
the sun now made an appearance on the decent

Keswick in the sun with Latrigg and Blencathra in th mist
SKIDDAW still has it hat on
and back down safely to the car
a big thanks to all chasers with out you there would have been no point in carrying on it is appreciated
73 reg 2e0ldf/p


Nice one, Reg. It’s always good to get out, even if weather / ground conditions are a bit tricky.

Just for fun, here’s a pic of my rapido activation of very chilly Kidsty on Sunday with 2m handheld and whip just before the clag came down. P


hi phil
it looks like the mist is a problem at the moment for any one above the snow line. the far eastern fells are no good for me in Cockermouth so i could not hear you
it looks like we have both adopted the same technique for logging (knee up)

Hi Reg,

Pleased to get you on all 3 summits. The pictures are excellent with some great views… I can see why you did not go any higher than the summit of Sail! I was trying to see where you parked as it looks like Swinside in the background of you final photo of your car.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

hi geoff
well spotted it is Swinside a sota summit but you would not have liked being up there with all the gun fire that was going on they were murdering pheasant’s all day
this was the route i took
73 reg 2e0ldf

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Well done Reg, was really pleasantly surprised when I heard you call CQ. You’ll be taking some cracking photos if those are anything to go by with mist in the mix.

Lovely to be in the snow line, love this time of year, lets hope there are lots more days like this rather than drizzle!

Regards, Mark. M0NOM

Stunning photos those Reg the camera is working a treat…good route and contacts :clap: :clap: