2E0IKM/P garden portable

Fine weather why not chase from your garden…had great fun on Saturday :slightly_smiling_face:

Ft3d plus 2/70 beam

Worked Alex G7KSE
Starling Dodd LDW-122
Red Pike LDW-062
High Stile LDW-029
High Crag LDW-065
Haysatcks LDW-131

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Hi Mike,

Well impressed with your setup!

Thanks for the 2 summits today and thanks for doing C4FM as well. The audio from your FT3D is excellent.

Look forward to working you again.

73’s Geoff


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Cheers Goeff was good to get one or two on C4FM which you got going… catch you soon…got lots of walks planned :+1:

I’ve got the aluminium for a six element 2m yagi, just need a few wet days to get on with it! Excellent setup there, not sure it will work from my home QTH, but I won’t have to go far to get decent take-off.


You going to build one Mark very good :+1:, I need to start building in stead of buying and then I will learn something and maybe pass my full exam instead of a fail again. I faced the beam in the direction of Alex and kept turning in it between beers :laughing: …for his last one Haystacks I new was going to be a struggle but did just make the contact…antenna was facing the right direction but not much take off and facing directly into other houses.
Was nothing serous and just playing…if I went into the house would of got him a lot stronger on the base antenna but that would of been no fun :wink:

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