A very short walk

Hi everyone,

I’ve not done much walking since I broke my hip in May last year, other than Woodhead Hill in Feb. That 9km walk left me struggling to get about for about 3 weeks. This time I deliberately chose a very short walk. Luke was mountain biking around Pooley Bridge, so I chose to walk up Dunmallet.

We were all parked at the £4/day car park in Pooley Bridge, so a short walk to the bridge past all the pubs and shops with my 2m Flower Pot antenna reaching for the sky draw a great deal of amusement from locals and visitors alike. I crossed the bridge and was greeted with the most pointless gate I’ve seen in a while.

Being a rebel, I avoided the gate and headed to the right and up the hill. Although this hill his very woody, there were only a few occasions where I had to duck to avoid loosing the antenna in a branch.

It did not take me very long at all to reach the summit. It is a wood I guess, so the views were very local as it were.

I threw my antenna into a nearby tree…

Unpacked my gear…

And called on 144.6125Mhz - only to be greeted by stunned silence. I called a few more times, then gave up and moved to 145.500Mhz to be greeted by John @G0TDM in Penrith. John, who’s name and QTH had to battle through significant dense grey matter to reach my lips, sorry John, also sent Geoff @GM4WHA a message, who, as I understand it, jumped in the car to get me.

Tony, GM1VLA, was second in line (not really a line tbh!) and we have a good chat too. Tony had to work quite hard to connect me with Geoff, but we eventually got sorted, 41 reports both ways.

I had a little scan about the bands, and the UK Business Lite frequencies, well specifically (hence the two raidos - see photo later) channel 1 - I was the home base coordinator if anything went wrong with the Mountain Biking Club, and then heard Malcolm, M6MOS, calling on 2m and we eventually headed down wot 145.325 for a natter.

I headed down the other side of the hill, passed what could have been used to build a shelter, and then headed back over the bridge back to the car.

I’m pleased to report no hip pain, the walk was only about 2 miles. I now need to pick an equally challenging hill for my next walk!

73 all.



Nice write up Steve and photos good to see you been out sorry I missed you but doubtful I would of got you from home …your set up is much more professional than mine and works well. I’m liking your Yaesu cap :grinning:

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Thanks very much report Stephen, much appreciated.

I’ve always suspected that this particular Wainwright would be a challenge to activate on 2m so pleasantly surprised you not only managed to activate it but also have a chat too!

Your antenna clearly working well.

Regards, Mark.

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After enjoying hot food and drink at a dog-friendly cafe by the river at Pooley Bridge Mrs G8CPZ, dog and I did that gentle circular walk around Dunmallet. A pity I didn’t have my 2m FM HT with me as I’ve not activated LDO-096 before. An excuse to go back.

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