A walk to remember for all the wrong reasons

the wx was set to be good so i thought i would go back and do Great Crag,i have been up before with the baofeng a few years ago but did not get a contact so this time i took a car radio(25w)and hoped for better.i know it is very steep but on a good man made path,but due to still recovering from shingles i found it hard going to the last time i was up,it took a little longer than planed but made i up ok .i work 2E0FTU/P-G5ZX/P-G1OHH-G7CDA-G6LKB-M7XUP-G0TDM-2E0MIX so i was very pleased with that.i then set of for Grange Fell about a mile a way but with the now usual BOG to cross first i got to the main path from Watendlath to Rosthwaite with wet muddy feet but felt fine,the path up to Grange Fell is not to steep or far but for some unknown reason i just blow up and had keep stopping every 10 meters or so at one point i almost gave up ,but what felt like an age i made i to the summit and made contact with G1OHH-M7XUP-G6LKB-G1OAE-2E0FTU/P-G5ZX/P so i was glad i did not give up.after some thing to eat and drink i set of down but still had to keep stopping on way back and never so glad to get back to the car and to put the tin hat on the day turning on to the home estate i got cramp in both leg and looked like a gorilla hobbling up the path

HI Reg,

Excellent photos! Hope you are recovered from the walk.

Geoff GM4WHA

Hi Reg,

Great to catch you on your walk. Hope you recover quickly.

That parking is nuts.

Thanks for your contacts today.

All the best



I’m just going to look at the pictures and pretend you had a magical day!
Seriously, hope the next activation is less painful…

Mark. M0NOM