Activation announcements

Writing as an unreliable WOTA Chaser, it’s very useful if Activators can take a few minutes to provide an activation announcement a few days or even just a couple of hours in advance. I keep logging onto the WOTA website to find I’ve just missed some activations! The main thing is the announcement itself, a simple alert. I think most Chasers accept that the time estimate can be pretty unreliable and that the activation might not happen for various reasons. In that vein, though, it’s useful if an activation announcement is deleted as soon as it is decided that the thing is called off. It’s also good practice and pretty useful for all contacts made to be recorded via the website after the event - actually this is quite commonly done to be fair. Sermon ends. 73, Phil

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One of the current limitations of the SOTA → WOTA Alert pull through folk should be aware of is that it doesn’t delete the alert on the WOTA system if it is deleted on SOTA.

So if you are seeing a SOTA alert on the WOTA website then it is always worth checking on sotawatch. The usual tell-tale of someone moving their activation time is two alerts on the WOTA system - again best to check.

Oh, @PhilM0AYB - guilty as charged :grimacing: and all duly noted.

Regards, Mark.

Hi Phil, a lot of the alerts are pull-throughs from SOTA and most are posted well in advance. Nowadays, with domestic commitments many of my WOTA-specific walks are opportunistic and I get to know only on the day - often at short notice - that I’ve got a few hours free to walk the dog and head for a Wainwright. If that’s a very local summit (like today on Cunswick Scar LDO-110) that might mean alerting only an hour or so before being QRV but most will be 2 hours or more.

I appreciate the problem with not wanting to keep logging onto the WOTA website. It does have an RSS feed service for Latest Spots and Latest Alerts but you need an app that can send updates to your phone or other device.

73 Andy G8CPZ / M0ALC

Mark, Andy. Yes, many WOTA alerts come via SOTA. I’ve done opportunistic activations without prior notifications myself from time to time. Latterly though, I’ve tried to take a few minutes to get a notification on the website, even ‘last minute’ (before setting off) via a smartphone, subject to the vagaries of mobile data. The RSS alerts sound handy - I’ve not paid any attention to that system up to now. Is it worth advising folks how to use it? Phil