Activation of Fleetwith Pike LDW-116 8th September 2022

This had been on my HEMA hitlist for quite a while now, but I’ve never had the opportunity to activate it. I was going to activate Gowbarrow Fell, but as Fleetwith is a Wainwright I thought Id go for this one as there’ll be more chance of getting some chasers!

Parking at Honistor Slate mine (£5 to park all day!) I took the steep gravel track up to Hoperslate quarry before moving right past a huge mound of slate chippings and upward towards Black Star.

Walking along the track towards Fleetwith is fairly flat until you gain a bit more elevation before reaching the Cairn marking the Summit.

I felt a few drops of rain and thought it was going to have to be a 4 and run activation.

I got out the FT60 and connected it to the Dipole. Using high power the radio kept switching off as did medium power. This has happened before and I suspect the battery is buggerd. Low power was working so I called Cq and logged Derek 2E0MIX and Reg 2E0LDF. I decided that 500mw won’t cut it so I set up the 857d and Used 10W. More problems! Rain started so I had to stuff the radio in the bag and try to stop it getting wet… whilst trying to keep my bag upright!

A few more calls and a run of stations logged

GM6LJE Robin North of the Border

M7MGO/P Richard in Whitehaven

M0AYB Phill in Cockermouth

G1OHH Sue in Lancaster

M0DXT Bill near Keswick

G4ZRP Ryan on the Wirral

G0QUC forgot the name (oopsie)

I left a message on a discord group and one of the people on their lives in Whitehaven and heard Richard talking to me. He jumped in his car and headed towards St Bees to get a bit of high ground. While I waited the rain started to get the inside of my bag wet and the radio with it! Roughly around 12:30pm local I worked 2E0KCI Nathan who was using his FT5d for the first time since he got it.

After that I pulled the plug and started my decent. To reward my self I had a Bacon bap and a Coffe at the Slate Mine.

A good summit to activate, there is a bit of space for a Vertical but not much so be aware of guying ropes!

Another summit off the hitlist! Sorry to those who were after SSB, but there was a forecast for rain and thunder around 13:30 local and I’m not being an earthing rod for anyone!

Hope to get back up to the lakes again next year, by this point I’m probably the slowest Wainwright activator!


hi dom
it was good to get you on Fleetwith Pike.I collect both Hema and Wainwright’s and have logged both .

Welcome to the north lake’s if it’s not raining just wait a few minutes and it will be
Gowbarrow Fell is a Wainwright ldw-181 but not one i can get from home so you made the right choice for me
73 reg 2e0ldf

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It was good to get you in the log Reg! was good do get out on the Wainwrights again too. I must have missed Gowbarrow when I was searching for what Wainwrights are also HEMAs. I blame the screen on my phone! I have missed the Lake District and haven’t been up that way since 2019.
I shall return next year and hopefully do a few more.

73 Dom M6KIO

Nice to eventually make the contact Dom .
I’d just taken the hand held up the back field behind home thinking I’d get you without a remote antenna I was talking to Reg in Cockermouth and heard both him and Derek working you I was struggling with Fleetwith on my gear . walking about 30 yards to the North seemed to be just about enough to make it through.
Until next time .
Richard M7MGO

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Great to get you in the log Richard. Not sure what summits Im going to try next hope fully some more Western ones next time!