Annual Database Upgrade

Anyone who has tried to log today will notice there is no option for 2024 yet - this is an annual process I have to go through.

I’ll try and get it done tonight - regardless I’ll add another message here when it is all set again.

Regards, Mark

I think I’ve caught everywhere that needs an update - let me know if you experience any issues uploading log files.

Cheers, and Happy New Year to all members of the programme.

Regards, Mark.

Thanks, Mark. Database working (I’ve logged yesterday’s contacts from Blake Fell; incidentally, apologies to chasers for difficult QSOs in the very windy conditions that Reg and I experienced up there). Thanks more generally for your work, Mark, keeping the website and database working so well - it’s vital to the success of WOTA.

Best wishes to all involved for another good WOTA year in 2024.

73, Phil

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hi mark
i agree with Phil you great job keeping the database running smothly
it’s much appreciated happy new year

73 reg

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