Another face to a call sign

may will already know if there is to be a activation no WATCH HILL( setmurthy common)LDW-089–G/LD-054 i can’t resist the chance of meeting the activator and see what equipment they use, on this occasion it was Gerald M0WML(mw0wml)
he got the normal 4 contacts on 2 meters which is always a struggle from there, but on 40m and 20m i was amazed at how well he did with a very tatty FT857 the contacts just kept on comming until a DL1 station with lots of power wiped hime out
it was great to meet up with Gerald and his misses

i need a assistant to help me setup and get comfortable

Gerald in full flow working a pile up

so another face added to a call sign

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100w HF is a good combination if you can draw the chasers in!

You and I have activated that very spot a few times, Reg! Phil

hi mark gerald was runnig 40w in to a linked dipole so nothing fancy or expensive but it work perfect and the audio from the ft 857 was really good

hi phil it’s how’re local summit and nice easy walk and we both have activated many times,some times with more succces than others
at the moment there is a big bull in the field so care is needed and requires a wide birth
73 2e0ldf

40w is a good compromise power. There is a reason why most army field kit puts out 30w. The sweet spot between power and weight.