Are any of your logs as bad as mine, let me know

I’ve to decipher these now! Feel free to take the Micky!

Walk to Dale Head.

Dale Head 1/2

Dale Head 2/2


Robinson 1/2

Robinson 2/2 and walk back

Can’t imagine anyone doing a worse job, but feel free disagree!


Steve M7XUP

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Hi Steve,

Probably a doctor!!

Have to say mine are not much better at times. It is hard holding an antennae, operating a radio and trying to log at the same time!

Thanks for all 3 summits today.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

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I was terrible when I first got going, for ages, but then when I started using Fast Log Entry for logging I matched the format that you enter QSOs in, and after that was OK (apart from constantly getting confused on the order of signal report sent and signal report received).

It goes something like this:

Summit (Maidenhead locator etc - try and pre-fill this bit!)
Band Frequency

time, callsign, <freq if different from above> signal sent, signal received, other summit, comments

I have the FT1XD clock set to UTC which helps with that problem, or have the SOTA Spotter app open on my phone that always shows time in UTC.

But summit brain (a well know phenomenon) can cause havoc at any time.

By the way… if you are using paper logging I highly recommend Rite in the Rain notebooks. I’ve tried all sorts of brands but this is the only one that seems to work.

There you go for an early effort of mine…

hi steve
the log book i have in the rucksack is much the same. when i get home i copy them down in another book so it’s readable and if i need to refer to any contacts i can
73 reg

Hi Mark,

I am using Rite in the Rain books, so that’s a plus, also use pencils, often find pens won’t write just when you need them too.

I’m looking at that Fast Log Entry software - do you do that live whilst on the radio?



Hi Steve

Yes, I always use a pencil, don’t know why people make their lives so complicated with these fancy ink writing devices. If you also have a Swiss army knife, which I try and always carry, then you can write forever.

Occasionally when I forget my notepad I will log into Google Keep on my phone, but I prefer paper logs, I hate typing on a screen.

I did note however that having the notepad open in my trouser pocket resulted in some smearing of the entries, something akin to the Turin Shroud resulted, although fortunately still intelligible!

Regards, Mark

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