Baystones (Wansfell) evening activation

I couldn’t stay in this evening with the weather being as lovely as it is. I drove to Troutbeck and parked up at the post office, then it was a 10 minute walk to the start of Nanny Lane that takes you up on to Wansfell. If you follow the lane to the natural end you will see the summit stones of Baystones. It took me 35 minutes at a good pace to reach the summit.

I took the 8 element coaxial co-linear and my compact sota mast and it seemed to be working well again with the FT1XD. First up was Douggie, G7CDA, then Sue G1OHH and Rob G0HRT. The final chat was with Mark nr. Chorley at 86 kms - he was coming in at 59 using an FT8900R and X300 colinear.

Thanks to all the contacts, and it was great to catch Reg 2E0LDF during the day.

Hi Mark,

Excellent photos. I did the same walk back in 2007 when we stayed at the Mortal Man for my wife’s 40th. It was a great walk and one I need to do again at some stage.

Hope to get you S2S on Saturday on C4FM when I am on Skiddaw. That is assuming I don’t get called into hospital which is anytime.

73’s Geoff


If we can pull that s2s off Geoff this weekend that will be awesome. Skiddaw is a monster, that last trek up saps legs.

Wansfell was awesome views. You could see Great Gable poking out in the background. Always an awesome sight!