Binsey 03 July 2023

Today was the first time that we have ventured up Binsey (we being G4BLH Mike, XYL G8CME Louise + our two Cocker Spaniels - Willow and Bramble). Needless to say, about a quarter of the way up the heavens opened and we had a deluge of rain and hail that soaked us. However it only lasted a few minutes and by the time we arrived at the top, the stiff breeze had already dried us and the sun came out.

Thanks to Derek 2E0MIX, Reg 2E0LDF, Geoff G4WHA, Dave G6LKB and John G0TDM, I qualified the summit for both WOTA and SOTA. The views were splendid and despite the weather, we really liked this summit and enjoyed the walk.

Tomorrow or maybe Wednesday (I will alert) we wlll try Great Mell & Little Mell for the first time. I doubt that 5w into a half wave will generate four contacts needed for SOTA but hopefully we may manage one or two for WOTA.

Mike G4BLH