Black Combe 25/04/2024

I was early and hadn’t started the activation or got the notepad out and got sorted when I switched on and I heard Andrew GM4VFL/P calling on 145.5 from GM/SS-283 which I believe has only been activated a couple of times previously weak but very audible both ways for just long enough to make the contact .Reg had also heard me and was standing by , it was nice to hear this was the first time he’d worked Black Combe from home . Took about 19 calls over an hour or so.
A few photos taken by Mrs M below…



I think I was 2nd or 3rd to contact you. Nice to chat with you and great photos of a dramatic sky taken by your wife. Chat again soon.
Clive M0KNP

Nice to catch you again Clive .
We like this fell it has quite different views to the rest, having the sea on one side . A contrast to High Raise which I did with Reg a couple of days earlier, right in the middle of all the other major fells . .
Plus it’s a nice reasonably gradual walk up .