BLAKE FELL a mini Adventure

a new years walk is some thing of a traditional thing with Phil M0AYB having been out the last 13 years
so when asked if i would like to join him and regular walking friends ANG and MIKE it was yes please.
The planed car park was full so we had to go about a mile down the road.We set of the wx was dry with a slight breeze but at least it was dry after all the rain we have had.The route up Blake Fell was a new one for me i normally go from fangs brow or maggie’s bridge but it was a good route the one taken by SOTA activators

hower guide for the day Phil M0AYB

Blake Fell.
this is where Phil’s mini adventure started the orange band that runs right to left was to be the route

i must admit i was sure we were on a sheep track, there was not a boot print to be seen

the track (path) was very uneven and Ang was recovering from a ankle injury and found it a bit tough going

on the top it was blowing a gail and cold Phil had allocated 15 minutes for the activation because of Ang and Mike not being radio hams and having to sit around while we played radio
we made 5 contact’s
before leaving the summit we had a single malt to toast in the new year and a piece of Christmas cake
if this it a tradition count me in for next year

Apologies to phil for thinking he had led us on a sheep track the map shows that there is a path he was right
and final thanks to Ang and Mike for hot soup and sandwiches at there house

one last thought when i walk with Geoff it usualy rain’s but with Phl it blows a gail !


Totally missed you Reg (and Phil). I went up in the afternoon and the wind dropped quite a bit but it was still chilly.

I went up the Cogra Moss path then up and over Low Pen. Lots of people out in the afternoon. Got 9 in the log eventually

HI Alex i was back in the house by 2:15 and switched the radio expecting you to be on air at 2:30 only to find you had been on early so we both missed out.

It’s a new year so we will have more opportunities and maybe another joint activation

73 reg

1 Jan activations tend to be mini-adventures, Reg, to put it mildly. Instant anecdotes! Thanks for joining, and thanks to chasers. 73, Phil

Ha ha…are you trying to tell me that my timing is off?

Let’s organise a group day out, either a a bunch of geeks on fells together or to help clear up those with missing activations or chases in logs

A nice way to spend the morning on New Years Day Reg, Blake was always one of our favourite walks before my WOTA days , never taken that path you’ve highlighted across the face before .