Blencathra Yesterday

A few pictures from Yesterday . Thought as well as the usual 2m I would give 70cms a go for a change , I tried it only once before on Urra Moor G/TW -001 a couple of years ago and did OK .
I got the first four contacts on 70 which I returned to later for those I worked on 2m who’d missed earlier, The two farthest were probably Dave G0PMJ over in Darlington , and Dave down in Poulton, Lancs with decent signals .



Hi Richard,

What a great day you had on Blencathra. The views are excellent and your photos are brilliant.

73’s Geoff


Very enjoyable Geoff .
The camera I take is a cheap waterproof go pro type knock off job bought on Ebay years ago . It fits in a pocket takes great video as well . Though it’s a bit of a fish eye lens which actually seems polarized too and you get a very curved horizon and bent vertical antennas at the edge of shot but it does the job. The Canon SLR is a bit bulky for activations .