Burnbank fell, Blake fell

Another of my last min look outs and my first since injuring my leg so was a test also…was good to be out and enjoyed every minute of it. Was to late in the day to be travelling into Buttermere and fighting the chaos so picked these low lying ones which Reg 2E0LDF mentioned to me a few weeks earlier.

Only down side I had was picking the wrong footware and coming across a couple of bogs which ended with wet feet…but I suppose this adds to the fun of bog hopping :laughing:. also seen one or two flying insects/animals which I never new existed.

Also a test for my Ft3d handheld which worked a treat and very pleased with it, Yaesu have done well with this HT and listened to there customers feed back…the battery didn’t loose any power working fm,fusion and APRS on this walk.

Thank you for the contacts


Photos from iPHONE 8 but looking for something different.


Thanks for the report and photos Mike, I did a load of C4FM last year and kind of fell out of doing it, but have tried to start it up again when using the FT1XD.

Still have loads of Northern fells to do, so getting reports like this is great info.
Cheers, Mark.

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hi mike its good to see the leg held up, it is step on the lower part of Burnbank Fell and you had no problems so you can look for another fell to activate.
and its good to see you have mastered the art of Bog trotting
73 reg

Hi Mike,

Excellent photos. When i did it with Derek it was windy with poor visibility at times. I take it the top photo is Cogra Moss with Knock Murton behind it?

Thank you for contacts on both FM & C4FM.

73’S Geoff GM4WHA

Yes it is Goeff I’ve not been down there for a while looks like the forestry have been busy.