Catbells/Maiden Moor/and High Spy

again it was make the best a window of opportunity in the wx now that my fitness levels are the best that they have been for about 3 years and i knew Mathew M0MZB was on Coniston Old Man plan A was to go for Dale Head but i was unsure of the road conditions up Honister Pass after the rain and then hard frost
so it was plan B instead .
the back road from home to the A66 was white and slippy but that was nothing the the road the road from Portinscale to Catbells it was sheets of ice with water over the road and then frozen

it only took 50 minutes to reach the summit of Catbells

looking over the first hump from the summit

it was only 9 oclock and the sun was hitting the fell tops

on the top the wind speed 30 miles an hour peaking at 40 with a wind chill of -10
i only made 3 contacts but in the cold it was plenty
and then on to Maiden Moor the path was very icy and great care was needed and made 5 contacts before moving on for High Spy 25 minutes a way

5 minutes from the top of High Spy i could hear M0NOM mark in qso with a SOTA station and thought i would get once on the summit but alas it was not to be


High Spy is a hema and Wainwright
first to call was SUE G1OHH with her usual big signal
next GEOFF G4WAH/M a lot weaker but considering his location in Carlisle it was good to exchange reports so thanks for perceiving with me
and s2s with M7MGO/M RICHARD on Sale Fell who i hope i persuded to join the WOTA group

the weather on the hills can change very quickly usually for the worse but in this case it was for the better the wind had drop and the temperature was now a pleasant -3

Maiden Moor to the left

Newlands valley

Hindscarth and Robinson

rowling end with Causey Pike Scar Crags and Sail Fell

almost back down and another great day on the hills despite the cold wind and once again the chasers make it even better
at this time in the year i normally don’t go out much but this winter i will be on the hills at every opportunity to keep the fitness up so thanks to all chasers


Your on a winner Reg keep the fell legs going…stunning photos :clap:

Fantastic Photos Reg. Luke recognised Catbells - I’ve never been!

Hi Reg,

Absolutely stunning photos. Thank you for perservering with our contacts. Carlisle is not a great place for VHF!!

Look forward to working you again.

73’s Geoff


Sorry I missed you Reg. These summits are creeping very high to the top of my list. Just not been in a position to do much about it lately with family commitments.

Stunning photos - that red is quite amazing. Hill are now stunning with snow on, my favourite time of the year (biting cold not withstanding!)

Regards, Mark.

Reg, reading your AR has inspired me to want to walk Catbells again. Searching my photo collection I find that it’s been 19 years since my wife and I walked it one lovely sunny August day with our golden retrievers. She’s just expressed enthusiasm for doing it again. So, just a case of fixing a date. Andy