Change of callsign

Hi all,

Last year I passed my intermediate exam and now have a new callsign. Is there a way to change this on the WOTA login or do I need to create a new account with my previous contacts or just completely start again?

I am hoping to pass my advanced exam later this year so might need to go through this process again.


Andrew 2E0IME

Hello Andrew

Great - congratulations on the new callsign. If no one else has responded either I or Mark can sort this for you. I recently converted 2E0NOM into M0PYG for the WOTA database.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what was your Foundation callsign please? I see you live in Penrith - a good spot to be for WOTA, G/LD and G/NP for sure.

73 Phil G4OBK
Awards Manager

PS You can reply to if you wish.

73 Phil