Clough Head ticked of the to do list

it must be 45 years since i last did Clough Head and thought it would be a good idea to go via the same route, i soon came to realise i’m not as fit as i thought i was

Clough Head

this path (road) often has lot’s of 4X4s driving up it but all quite to day

its now on to the open fell

Skiddaw in the distance

a good path to follow

after the sheep the path rises quite steep a round the corner before heading diagonally up the face
not a place to be in mist one slip and you would go a long way down

back along the path before it goes up

Great Dodd 2miles further on but no today i have already activated that one

looking back along the path i think the fell in the cloud must be Scafell Pike because Esk Pike and Bow Fell are to the left

the 3 metre roach pole with a RH770 antenna in side a piece of plastic pipe
i had contacts with the following
GM4VFL/P on a south Scotland SOTA summit





back to the car it doesn’t pay to be the first one to park because the next car’s leave you no room to get out, i thought all i would have to do was drive out but no i had to do some fancy maneuvers to did out

thanks to all chasers
73 reg


Hi Reg,

Thank you for the contact on Clough Head. I was not sure i would be able to work you but you were a good 56 to me in the center of Carlisle. I checked the terrain profile and it is a very good path to me.

Excellent photos as usual. When i did Clough Head with Derek alot of years ago now we did a round of 5 summits starting with Hart Side. The descent off Clough Head was rough as we headed towards Maggies Bridge.

Look forward to working you again.

73’s Geoff


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Nice photos, thanks for the report Reg, on my list to do too!