Confirmation of positive covid test

just when i have gotten my fitness back i’m out of action for 10 day. i did not feel well on friday so i took a home test(2) and both showed positive so it was of to Workington for a PCR test and it came back the same.
it’s unbelievable the information that i had to fill in on line they want to know every thing / who/ what/ why and where, so ever one please take care and try and stay safe
reg 2e0ldf

Hi Reg,

Sorry to hear about you getting covid. I hope you get back to normal soon. I can well imagine the amount of information they ask for. They must have alot of staff to analyse all the data they get off people! Mind you i also wonder who has access to all this data.

Take care

Geoff GM4WHA

Sorry to hear that Reg. Best wishes for a full recovery. 73 Andy

Yes, all the best, Reg. Our Watch Hill raio + geology expedition beckons. 73, P