Conflict of interests

I had the opportunity to do a WOTA / SOTA on Sunday last and decided to do Seat Sandal as we were out that way , and I’ve never been up there before , a look at the map showed me I’d be passing far too close to a tarn to form me not to put a light weight fishing rod in with the antenna and pole and try for some wild trout or perch , something I’ve threatened to do for a while , so I did . I should have fished on the descent though , but was early , so couldn’t resist a go on the way up and as any angler knows you always have “just one more cast” when it’s really time to go , therefore I was a bit late for my activation !

You may as well know I had far more success with the radio than the fishing , plenty contacts and some summit to summits , including John next door on Helvellyn , Martin , who was the 1000th activator of Shining Tor G/SP-004 and Dave on GW/NW-054 . Also good to get Reg on another summit he can’t usually work from home . Thanks to all who called in .
I had to be back down by about 4PM so thought I’d be pushing it to do Fairfield , but there was of course just time for “one more cast” on the way back down ! It was good to combine the two interests on the same walk and I’d never fished one of the remote hill tarns , but on this occasion , trout was not on the menu that evening !
Cheers !

Yeah , plenty of time ?

I’m not that late, really

On the way down .Time for “one more cast”



cracking pictures Richard it was good to get you it’s a summit i can rarely get, your ft75 5w ht plus flowerpot antenna worked well
and the first photo up to the tarn i used to go up there a lot in winter to climb the gullys on St.Sunday Crag and Dollywagon Pike and still looks the same.
looking forward to doing Muncaster Fell with you and Derek(2e0mix) soon.
73 reg 2e0ldf

Yes Reg , it’ll be a nice little walk that .
Seat Sandal was another first for me , and like a lot of the fells there’s different routes to tackle them from , that was quite a nice and not too strenuous route following the beck up .

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Nice photos Reg. On OS 1:25000 maps a lot of the lakeland tarns a shown with a little fish symbol on them, so I have often wondered if there is good fishing. I have camped alongside Grisedale tarn a few times, so it would have made a nice additional activity to give fishing a go.

The telescopic poles many of use for SOTA are intended for fishing, but I’ve never understood exactly how it would be used for that – do you just pass a line through the little eye on the end of the pole and cast it, or is there more to it than that?

The telescopic poles are usually what’s know n as a “whip” Matthew, and have been repurposed and sell as flag/windsock supports or indeed antenna supports . There are various methods of attaching the line , but they involve the eye at the end.