Dale Head 10/06/2023

A nice early walk up from Honister Pass before the heat started building , and a breeze on top to keep things comfortable .
We passed the slate mine on the way back to the car and took some time out to look at the custom and classic cars many of which were those big American types, they were having a bit of a meet in the car park there . There’s a few photos below.
Great to hear everyone on the air .

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Hi Richard
great photos of the cars i would not like to have met those yank tank’s coming the other way on the narrow roads they look wide as a bus
the ford pop’s bring back memories,the first car i ever had was a pop my dad and i build it when i was 16 and took to the road at 17 in it, and i thought i was the bee’s knees.
Thanks for the summit 2 summit it was great to get you in the log
73 reg

Love to look at the old machinery Reg,
The custom cars were not so much a problem it was the motorhomes we had to try and make room for on the way up from the lay-by to the slate quarry one must have been 25+ foot long ! Not ideal for those roads especially if two of them had met .

Thanks for the great report and photos. The view from the top of Dale Head is hard to beat, it is a horseshoe on my list.


It’s the first time I’d been up there Mark . In the past we had about half a dozen favourite local fells we used to do on a bit of a rota , but the WOTA/SOTA activations have broadened our horizons , quite literally .