Destination Knott

Lovely day out today around Knott. 6 more ticked off the list for Mrs g7kse and Sam (the other teenager stayed at home and got bitten by a dog but that’s another story) and 5 actually activated this time rather than just passing through.

Everyone was very strong with me today and I put that down to the flowerpot antenna. So simple and effective. Especially with the walking pole and extensions.

Couldn’t do it without the chasers, so thanks for being at the other end and here’s to actually completing the wainwrights (at some point).

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Good job, Alex. Great to get 6 activations in one day. 73, Phil

hi alex

  great to get you on 5 of the 6 hills. Your timings leave a little to guess work,

not sure if it UTC–GMT–REG time TONY time or OTHER
but after the first contact on your second summit it was easy to work your next summit ETA
and it’s great to see that you have come over from the dark side(SOTA) to the better scheme
73 reg

Timing is not a strong point. I’m normally a bit better once I’ve got going but I forget how quick / slow it is extracting a teenager from his pit.

I’m sure I can fit bit WOTA and SOTA in. I think that mountain goat and WOTA complete will both take me at least another 3 years :joy:

Nice to catch you on 5 of the summits Alex and what ever transceiver you were using was crisp and clear…doing the same route shortly with Mr Reg and hopefully kick start my love of the fells off again after a crap start to the year…73 Mike

It’s a nice route Mike. Quite different to the rocky routes of Wasdale that are my usual haunts.

The rig is a Yaesu VX8G that I’ve had for a dozen years but I use a speaker mic with it if I remember to bring it. I think that makes a difference. I get good audio reports regularly but I assumed that was because I don’t speak marrow :joy: