Discourse Server Renewal

I’ve just renewed the discourse hosting server for the next 12 months, which this time round was just over £100.

I did look into consolidating the hosting of the discourse server with the main WOTA website but it didn’t save much money and it would have been a challenge technically, so we will proceed with the current arrangements for another year.

As always donations gratefully appreciated as the coffers are low again now.

Regards, Mark.


Should we think about doing something for Radcomic or PW not necessarily for donations but to raise the profile of WOTA? Seems to be working for SOTA

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We never got round to doing a WOTA day. That would be a good thing to write up after the event. The plan was to combine some activations with a special event callsign.

Folks. What’s a few £ to sustain the excellent WOTA scheme compared to the cost of radio / accessories, travel, parking or a cappucino indeed? Please respond to Mark’s appeal for a bit of cash. This stuff is beyond price. 73, Phil

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Nicely put Phil all those that use this site should donate if they can :+1:

hi mark
i’ve made a donation via my son Andrew’s paypal account i hope thats ok
73 reg 2e0ldf

Thanks Reg, received!

My contribution added Mark. :slightly_smiling_face:

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