Eastern Fells book number 1 now complete

Being a cheap skate i will not pay £7 to park my car i instead parked at Bridgend and walked a mile back to the white lion and go from there to do the last 2 fells BIRKS and ARNISON CRAG

It was a perfect morning cool to start off bright and sunny


the path leading up to the BIRKS was nice and gentle with great scenery and still not to hot

on the left Birkhouse Moor and just sticking up above the trees is Sheffield Pike

the start of the walk was quite easy but i kept on stopping to take a picture (65 all day)

after the gate the path did kick up and was much steeper but only for a short distance

the summit with St Sunday Crag further on
I was running 30w from a icom pmr radio because being surrounded by much higher fell i thought i would struggle for contacts, but instead i got 12 --G4WHA-A–G6LKB–GM1VLA–M6LKB–M0TRI–M7KAZ–G1OHH–2E0MIX/P–M5XYZ–G6CRV–M7ASK–G6AEK
it is some times amazing at how signals can bounce around the hills and get out to places you would not think possible

the path over to ARNISON CRAG was easy to find and follow,in the pile of stones i came across a little brown lizard i could not believe my eyes, but it was far to quick for me to get a picture of it

the view down Ullswater

looking back to the BIRKS a very easy walk across

Place Fell

on the way down i could not stop taking photos of Ullswater i must have take 20 or more

and back down to the road and a mile to walk back to the car
i must admit i left these 2 fells to last because i did not fancy them but boy was i wrong it was a splendid walk i would recommend to any one i thoroughly enjoyed it and the wx was perfect

a big thanks to all the regular chasers on my trip through the Eastern fell with out you being there it would have be pointless.It would be interesting to look back through my logs to see who was the most consistent chaser

it now becomes harder with the Far Eastern and Southern Fells left

thanks and 73 reg 2e0ldf


Beautiful photos in the (for me) most walked part of the Lake District. Thank you for the map screenshot of your route. Useful for future activators Reg.

With good planning the Far Eastern Fells are very cost effective in terms of summits per day once you are up there above Boredale Hause, or above Kentmere.

73 Phil G4OBK

You done exactly what you said “I’m going to finish Far Eastern Fells”…well done great achievement and splendid photos… :clap: :clap: :checkered_flag: