Enhancements to Summits Activated page

I’ve made a couple of enhancements to the summits activated page.


Where the list includes both summits activated and summits yet to activate (in the pursuit of an award), the activated summits now have a background colour of light green.

For summits not yet activated the hyperlinks associated with the WOTA reference take you to the relevant summit description page (so you can plan your next outing).

All SOTA references are now hyperlinked through to the SOTA summit description page.


This is also the page to go to if you are looking to claim awards.

For example, if you select Award: ‘The Outlying Fells’ and Year ‘All time’ then you will get a list of all summits activated, with the grand total at the bottom.

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hi mark
thanks for the summits activated enhancements on the site, i can now see at a glance what i still have to do it saves time in having to work it out and what to do next
73 reg

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Thanks Mark - a useful visual aid