First attempt at a 2m Flower Pot Antenna


Thought I’d share my first attempt at a flower pot antenna. It now needs tunned. Once done I’ll let you know how well it works, if at all :smile:


Steve M7XUP

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it looks good if you want my analyser to tune it let me know steve and we will sort some thing out
73 reg 2e0ldf

Very tidy looks like its straight out of a box from Martin Lynch :laughing:, nice work Steve :+1:

Hi Reg,

Yes please, I need to - the centre is too long, I know that, needs cut down, the the outer to suit. Left long on purpose ready for tuning. I think Andrew has your email, I’ll ask him to send you mine so we can sort out a time etc.

Thanks Reg


Thanks Mike, it’s got to work mind! I had hoped to use 28mm pipe, with a 28mm to 15mm reducer, but could not get what I wanted in batches of 1, just packs of 10, so settled on 22mm and 15mm. Think the 22mm is a little small dia wise, but hey, time will tell. Might also need to tape the 15mm pipe on to the fitting as it rotates, the 22mm has locked in placed, but the other spins :thinking:

Will be great if it works.