G4ILO equipment sale in August

WOTA folks will now that our excellent scheme was set up by Julian, G4ILO, and that sadly he died some years ago. Julian’s widow, Olga has now asked Reg, 2E0LDF, and I to collect and dispose of all his radio equipment. We are in the process of sorting and testing things - quite a job. We are doing price research and haven’t decided how to market each of the items yet, but some WOTA people and radio friends might be interested in an early heads-up.

Some of the ‘headline items’ are: Elecraft transceivers (K2, K3 and fully equipped KX3 (KX3 tested so far, others soon); T1 ATU); Microset R50 amp (which could accompany the KX3); Kenwood D701 mobile (tested); Kenwood D72E handheld (tested); Yaesu FT 817ND (tested). There are various Baofeng and Wouxun 2m / 70cm handhelds (batteries seem OK) and the 4m KG-699E (not yet tested) as well as some other less usual ones (CECL H112, Albrecht AE2990). A Rapid lab power supply (like new). A little MFJ Cub, not yet tested. Reg is going to see if he can extract an MFJ HF loop and rotator from the roof space at Olgas. There’s a nice Bencher key (and Kent twin paddle other morse bits); and we are particularly taken with the Rig Expert AA-200 antenna analyser - what a bit of kit. A 10MHz Rubidium frequency standard (un-branded, not tested, not sure what voltage needed / which PSU suitable). Most things with manuals, in really excellent condition and many are boxed. Julian took care of things and was very well organised.

Then there’s the rest of the stuff that accumulates in any shack! Apart from the above items there is a miscellany of partly done / untested / part dismantled kits, a homebrew HF loop, storage drawers with many unused components, wall-wart power supplies, cables / antenna items, various antennas for handhelds, some ancient handhelds, and the odd item that is probably serviceable but with a small defect (nice Avair SWR meter - but the 200w/400w switch on the back doesn’t seem to work.) This collection is probably our ‘car boot’ section!

Julian’s website is still running - all of it is pretty interesting. His use of some of the equipment noted here is decribed on the following web page: About G4ILO

73, Phil. M0AYB

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Hi Phil & Reg

Thanks very much for posting notice of Julian’s list of equipment for sale. Can you please post a list with prices? I am certainly interested in some of the items.

Nick G4OOE

Thanks for the info Phil. Julian’s website is fantastic and I’ve even found his articles copied on the internet - not great but a mark of respect for the quality of the information he provided.


People might be interested to know that I’ve just put the list of 25 items currently for sale on the G3CWI ‘flea market’ website. Anyone interested is invited to email me for our list showing details of items. A number of items from the original collection have already been sold locally via networking in Workington Radio Club but there’s good stuff still available. BTW if anyone knows an expert who can get the Elecraft K3 unfrozen, please let Reg 2E0LDF or me know. We also need good ideas about shifting the ‘car boot’ or ‘junk box’ stuff. All sorts of useful components and homebrew things there, but not as readily marketable as the items on the sales list. 73, Phil

Struggling to email you about the items you are interested in - messages bounce. The summary (now depleted) list is on G3CWI website. I’ve asked Reg if he has correct email adddress for you.

Sales going well. No takers for the great Elecraft KX3 yet - good for HF WOTA/SOTA. Ad on G3CWI site, and from today, eBay (which I was trying to avoid). 73, Phil

Update. Sales of SK Julian’s main items of equipment have now been completed. Just ‘miscellaneous’ left to be sorted out by Reg 2E0LDF and me so that I can have my garage back! From the funds received, Olga will be making a good donation to Hospice at Home. 73, Phil.