G8CPZ on LDW-047 - Dow Crag

Hi Andy,

I thought i had worked you on Dow Crag this morning. I gave you 31 and i thought you gave me 55. However i noticed that the contact has not been confirmed. If i did not make a successful QSO i will delete my chaser enteries on both WOTA and HEMA.

Without making excuses i have hearing problems which make it difficult understanding people on the radio especially when the signal is noisy.

Apologies if i am wrong in my logging of the summit if it was not a valid QSO. I like to make sure any QSO i have is 100%.

73’s Geoff


Hello Geoff,

I’ve just checked my paper log again and I can confirm that I have no contact with you from Dow Crag. I had several pile-up situations on Dow Crag [as I did on the other two summits] where 2 or 3 stations doubled [trebled?] after I called QRZ. As you could hear me only 3/1 it’s possible you mistook my responding to one of the other stations as a reply to you.

Thanks for the contacts from OM of C [0838z] and Brim Fell [0928z].

73 Andy

Hi Andy,

Thank you for confirming that. I will delete my chaser contact. Thank you for the first 2 summits. Look forward to working you again.

73,s Geoff


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