GM4WHA Geoff in hospital with covid

i hope every one will be with me in wishing Geoff (GM4WHA) a speedy recovery from covid.
Geoff was taken in hospital on tuesday night with complications caused by covid

we did Whiteside and Hopegill head in awful conditions on Monday 25th and he was fine but took ill later that night
73 get well soon

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Speedy recovery Goeff look forward to wkg you on 2m very soon.


Thank you for best wishes.

I was home last night. My heart is ok now but my white blood cell count is low so i have to try and avoid any infection till the count improves. Extremely tired and find doing anything tiring. However it is what it is and i will improve as time goes on.

The only thing i would say i have never been as rough in my life!! Wont be walking up any hills at the moment!!

73’s Geoff



Pleased you’re out of the woods. I likewise can’t see me walking a hill anytime soon. Hopefully we can do a little one in the new year.

All the best


Get well soon Geoff, it’s a nasty bug alright. Take it easy getting back on the fells.


Great to hear you on 80m from Seat Sandal yesterday evening @GM4WHA. Both girls have come back from Kendal Calling with nasty coughs, one friend who was there has gone down with it, Alex and I are trying to be careful around them!

Regards, Mark.