Grasmoor round with 2E0LDF & G4WHA Sat 10th Jun 2023

Grasmoor round with Reg 2E0LDF on Sat 10th Jun 2023.

As it was the SOTA LD weekend I had asked Reg if he would like to do Grasmoor LD-009 / LDW-020 and the other 4 Wainwrights to make a sort of horseshoe walk and he very kindly said yes.

I set off from Annan at 0645 and arrived at Cinderdale Parking area at 08:10. Reg arrived at about 0825 and we set off at about 0830. Even at that time it was very warm. It would get hotter as the day went on.

The route we took up to Grasmoor was via Lads Howes and I can tell you it was steep and hard going especially with the heat! The distance from the car to the summit was 2miles and that took about 2hrs and 20 minutes. I made 29 contacts from the summit as well as a few on the way up. Out of the 29 I made 16 summit to summit contacts. I used a roach pole with a spectrum communications j-pole fixed to it. It was probably about 15 feet. We spent about 1 hour and 15mins on the top but we needed to get moving as we still had another 4 summits to do.

We left Grasmoor at about 1220hrs local and arrived at Eel Crag (Crag Hill) LDW-024 / HLD-012 for HEMA at 1305hrs local. 8 contacts were made from here. They were:-



MR0FMF/P on NP-018 Nine Standards Rigg

M0VPM/P on LD-006 Pillar

M0KXN/P on LD-022 Seat Sandal




We left Eel Crag at 1325 when contacts had dried up and headed over to Wandope LDW-051.

We reached Wandope at 1338hrs. 8 contacts were made from here. These were:-




G7CDA – Unique for Dougie


G7SAT/P LD-017




We left Wandope at 14:00 and made out way to our 4th summit Whiteless Pike LDW-106.

Whiteless Pike was reached at about 1420 hrs and 4 contacts were made from here. It was easy to see why we only got 4 contacts as there is a lot of high peaks around.





These were the only stations worked.

We then had a long slog to Rannerdale Knotts LDW-209

We departed Whiteless Pike at 1440 and arrived on Rannerdale Knotts at 1544hrs. That was a long trudge as well as being very hot in places. The distance between Whiteless Pike and Rannerdale Knotts is very close to 2 miles. From Rannerdale Knotts we made 3 contacts. These were:-




We arrived back at the cars at about 1633hrs cream crackered! I do not mind admitting it was a very tough walk. Probably one of the toughest I have done but to be fair the heat had a lot to do with it. At least the weather was good as my track record walking with people is not great. It very often rains!!

Many thanks to Reg for accompanying me. Reg is an excellent walking partner as we just walk steady away and don’t push ourselves to hard.

Thanks also to all chasers including Mike 2E0IKM and Derek 2E0MIX who worked us all on all 5 summits. Also to John G0TDM and Lee M0LLC who got us on 4 summits.

Total distance walked was 7.61 miles and total ascent was 3687 feet.

Below are some of the photos I took.

![053 Grasmoor round 10-06-2023 10-26-35|666x500]

![056 Grasmoor round 10-06-2023 10-26-53|666x500]

![099 Grasmoor round 10-06-2023 13-38-42|666x500]

![103 Grasmoor round 10-06-2023 14-06-32|666x500]

![106 Grasmoor round 10-06-2023 14-07-35|666x500]

Thank you for lookin. Sorry there is so many photos!

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

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Nicely illustrated account of your day Geoff.
The data on the GPS makes interesting reading , a valiant effort tackling Grasmoor via Lad Hows , not bad going at the best of times but considering the heat ! A bit cooler on the tops maybe, but the car thermometer was showing 29C on our way home in the afternoon .
Good to get the contacts with you both from “next door” on Dale Head.

Hi Geoff
i think the GPS terrain profile say’s it all but in the heat the distance felt a lot further
thanks for the company and once again we proved Derek 2e0mix wrong not a drop of rain in site at least not when we were out, but we had a thunderstorm a night
look forword to the next outing
73 reg