Grike and Crag fell with plenty cream

Another short walk which have done before but popped back to activate them…did have a plan of doing Lank Rigg but had second thoughts with setting off later in the day and the cloud and rain moving in

Did get wet feet again and more bog hopping was done…although I am a big lad I can bog hop like a champion. Must start wearing my boots again in stead of a fell shoe/trainer which I like to be in most to be honest.
Photos again not the best but if you can see the Rescue helicopter in one you’ve done good :laughing:


GM4WHA, fm
2E0LDF, fm
2E0MIX, fm


2E0LDF, fm
2E0MIX, fm

IMG_6597.PNG IMG_6596 IMG_6557 IMG_6559 IMG_6561 IMG_6566 IMG_6569 IMG_6570 IMG_6572 IMG_6574 IMG_6578 IMG_6584 IMG_6592
IMG_6593 IMG_6594IMG_6586


My wife used to swear by Avon’s ‘Skin So Soft’ as an insect repellent but apparently they’ve changed the formula and it doesn’t work anywhere near as well, so we may have to invest in some of this stuff.

Thanks for the write-up and photos. All good knowledge for when I am able to venture further North. Mark.

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No kidding Mike, your are racing up the table, might have to cut this holiday short! Lol

Nice one mate, sorry I couldn’t be around to chase.

All the best. Steve

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thanks for the contacts mike, it was not the best of days i hope you didn’t get to wet
the route up to Lank Rigg would mean you had another bog to cross and with all the rain we have had it would be bad
73 reg

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