Half term hilltops

Well I had planned to use the half term break to do a few more activations but the weather gods say otherwise.

So, I’ll be using the time to build a new rig called the (tr)uSDX. It’s a very small multiband version of the QCX from QRP labs but with SSB. It’s really more of an assembly job, just a few relays and a couple of smd IC’s that couldn’t be done at the PCB place plus a bunch of toroids.

If all goes to plan then it will on air next weekend from a reasonably easy summit.

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Alex. That looks like a serious wet weather project! Indeed construction made good wet weather viewing: https://dl2man.de/2-trusdx-assembly/ Let us know how you get on: it’s good a good spec: 20m and lower, with 5W. 73, Phil

Could be the ideal lightweight hill topper Phil. I normally use an MTR5b for HF CW and the ft817 for ssb. It won’t be as good as the ft817 but its not much bigger than an altoids tin.

Some progress. Tx ok on all bands but 80m and 40m rx isn’t quite there. Managed to get a rbn spot on 30m with just the USB power which gives a bit below 500mW out

I suspect I’ll be rewinding a couple of toroids later on :joy: