High Street round Fri 4th June 2010 - G(M)4WHA

Activation of 7 Wainwrights aroung High Street on Friday 4th June 2010.

As my walking colleague was off we decided to activate a number of WOTA’s from Mardale Head On Fri 4th June 2010.

We left Annan at 7.30 am and parked up at Mardale Head at 8.45am. Our first WOTA was Harter Fell LDW-048. Normally you would go up Gatescarth Pass and onto Harter Fell then descend to Nan Bield to continue up to Mardale Ill Bell but we went directly up the Nan Bield because I like the walk by Small Water and also wanted to have a look at the stone shelters by the footpath. At the top of Nan Bield you bear left and head for the summit. I worked 6 stations from the summit – G0TDM, G4ZRP, MW0BYT, G4RQJ, G6LKB and got a summit to summit with Terry G0VWP/P who was on Lingmoor Fell which is LD-040 for SOTA and LDW-184 for WOTA.

I also work John G0TDM on 4m just using a rubber duck which was impressive.

We descended Harter Fell via Nan Bield and climbed up onto Mardale Ill Bell LDW-059 where I worked 6 stations again. These were G6LKD, G0TDM, G4ZRP, G4BLH, 2E0CSG & M0TLX.

We then walked to High Street which is LD-011 for SOTA and LDW-025 for WOTA. I started off on 4m and worked G6LKB. I then went onto 2m and worked 2E0XSD, G0MDV/M, G4RQJ, G4ZRP, G0TDM and G4BLH/M. After contacts dried up I went back onto 4m and worked G4BLH/M, G0TDM & G4RQJ. Mike G4BLH and I tried to make contact on 23cms but I could not hear Mike at all. We tried a few times but could not make contact. We used 4m for talkback. Many thanks Mike for the attempt.

After High Street we made out way to The Knott LDW-066 where I made 3 contacts, G0TDM, G1KLZ & G6LKB. We then proceded to Rampsgill Head LDW-039 where I worked G0TDM, G4BLH, G6LKB & G1KLZ.

I was intending going straight to Kidsty Pike but because High Raise was not that far away I decided to activate that. I made 5 contacts from High Raise LDW-031. These were G4BLH, G0TDM, 2E0MAS/P, G4ZRP & G1KLZ. From there it is an easy stroll to Kidsty Pike LDW-046 Where I made contact with G4BLH, G1KLZ, G4ZRP, G0TDM, 2E0MAS/P & G6KLB/M.

Our route back was via Kidsty Howes and then to The Rigg and back to the car. It took us 1hr 25 mins from Kidsty Pike to Mardale Head arriving there at 4.00 pm.

It was a good route which enabled me to do 7 Wainwrights. I could have included Thornthwaite Crag before doing High Street but decided to leave it for another day.

The weather was superb. Very hot most of the time with a cooling breeze at times.

Looking towards Haweswater.

Small water looking towards Nan Bield Pass.

Nan Bield pass.

Kentmere resovoir from Nan Bield pass.

Small Water and Haweswater from Nan Bield pass.

Looking towards Harter Fell.

View from summit of Harter Fell.

![030 high street etc 04-06-2010 11-12-33 _resize|666x500]

Looking towards High Street range from descent of Harter Fell LDW-048.

Operating from Mardale Ill Bell LDW-059.

![035 high street etc 04-06-2010 11-40-06 _resize|666x500]

View from Mardale Ill Bell.

View towards the first part of the Kentmere horseshoe. Yoke, Ill Bell and Frostwick are in view.

Operating from High Street LD-011/ LDW-025.

Looking towards Knott and where Rampsgill Head etc are located.

Looking towards The Nab.

Looking towards Rest Dodd LDW-092 and The Nab LDW-139.

Operating from High Raise LDW-031.

Looking towards Kidsty Pike which i think is the hump nearest in the center of the photo. LDW-046.

View from Kidsty Pike towards the descent from High Raise.

Operating from Kidsty Pike LDW-046. Haweswater in the distant which was our descent route.

Looking back to High Raise.

Our descent back to the car park at the end of Haweswater.

Looking back to Kidsty Pike from near Haweswater.

End of Haweswater.

I hope you liked the photos.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA.

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hi geoff some stunning photos and a great day out it adds to the qso we had the other day( 04/05/20) your description of the route was good but pictures say a lot more
what was the white stick antenna??
73 reg 2e0ldf