Interesting WOTA Statistics

Some stats for you!

These are the top 25 least chased Wainwrights:

wota url name chased
LDO-30 Nabs Moor 23
LDO-49 Langhowe Pike 26
LDO-18 Little Yarlside 27
LDO-38 Naddle Horseshoe 1 (Naddle High Forest) 28
LDO-37 Great Ladstones 29
LDO-51 Naddle Horseshoe 3 32
LDO-46 Hugh’s Laithes Pike 32
LDO-39 Naddle Horseshoe 2 (Wallow Crag) 33
LDO-61 Knipescar Common 33
LDO-24 Ulthwaite Rigg 33
LDO-4 Howes 33
LDO-32 Whatshaw Common 34
LDO-95 Latterbarrow 36
LDO-22 Sleddale Pike 37
LDO-29 Robin Hood 38
LDO-23 Hare Shaw 39
LDO-62 Scalebarrow Knott 40
LDO-81 High Knott 41
LDO-21 Fewling Stones 41
LDO-111 Yew Bank 43
LDO-47 Green Quarter Fell 44
LDO-42 Hollow Moor (Green Quarter Fell) 44
LDO-19 Seat Robert 47
LDO-45 Harper Hills 48
LDO-28 Long Crag (Bannisdale) 50
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Top Chasers:

chaser remaining
2E0MIX 3
M6UXH 10
G6LKB 22
G4UXH 25
G4WHA 26
G0TDM 28
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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the interesting statistics. Just wondering where 26 remaining came from for myself as i have worked all 330 fells!!

Also Colin G4UXH sk had also completed all 330 as a chaser and activator.

Many thanks

Geoff GM4WHA / G4WHA

Looks like the SQL needs to work. I’m famous at our company for not getting SQL right first time, so it always needs questioning. I avoided databases for years during my career because I had no interest in them - eventually they caught up with me, and I had a baptism of fire at my current employer because no-one else would entertain the crazy requests. I’ve gotten infinitely better at SQL in that time, so not all wasted effort, but it often takes a few goes to get there!