Kentmere extended horseshoe Sat 27th Apr 2013

Although i posted this activation report at the time i have now also included photos i took at the time.

Extended Kentmere Horseshoe round Sat 27th April 2013.

After discussing a walk a couple of weeks ago we decided to do the Kentmere Horseshoe taking in 2 extra summits making 10 altogether.

Mark MM1MPB and myself Geoff GM4WHA left Annan at 0630 hrs local and arrived at out parking place at Kentmere Church at 0800 local. After getting ready we were walking by 0815. Our route took us up the Garburn road where we met Terry G0VWP who had just descended Sallows LDW-166. We to had also decided to do Sallows as it is not far out of our way. Terry made his way to Yoke and we went to Sallows. We arrived on the summit at 0935 local and made 6 contacts. We then made our way to Yoke LDW-085 where we arrived at 1100 local. We made 14 contacts including s2s with Terry who was on Ill Bell LDW-060 / HLD-035, Nick G4OOE/P and Geoff M6PYG/P who were both on Sour Howes LDW-180.

After leaving at 1115 we arrived on the summit of Ill Bell LDW-060 / HLD-035 where we made 13 contacts including s2s with Derek 2E0MIX/P and Heather M6UXH/P who were on Black Coombe LD-030 / LDO-002, G0VWP/P on Frostwick LDW-077, Nick G4OOE/P and Geoff M6PYG/P who were now on Sallows LDW-166. We then headed for Frostwick LDW-077 where 13 contacts were made including s2s with Terry G0VWP/P who was on Thornthwaite Crag LDW-043 and also M0SMP/P who was activating Helvellyn LD-003. We spent over 30mins on Frostwick before heading to Thornthwaite Crag LDW-043. We arrived there at 1359 and 17 contacts were made including 4 s2s. These were with Terry G0VWP/P who was on High Street LD-011 / LDW-025, Derek 2E0MIX/P and Heather M6UXH/P who were both on White Combe LDW-044, Nick G4OOE/P and Geoff M6PYG/P who were on Troutbeck Tongue LDW-207 and also Mike 2W0YYY/P who was on Hope Mountain NW-062.

After finishing we made the easy walk to High Street LD-011 / LDW-025 arriving there at 1500 hrs local. Our first contacts were s2s with 3 sota stations namely Ron 2E0RWB/P who was on High Stile LD-012/ LDW-029, GM4COX/P on SS-030 White Coombe and GM4GUF/P on SS-064 Tinto. We also worked Terry G0VWP/P who was now on Mardale Ill Bell LDW-059 as well as Derek and Heather who were on Stoupdale Head LD0-034. In total we made 15 contacts.

I also made 2 23cm contacts from High Street. These were with with Brian G4ZRP and Mike G4BLH/M. I had mentioned to Mike earlier in the day that I had 23cms with me and ne drove to a place so he could make contact. I had to stand on top of the trig point to make contacts with both stations exchanging 51 41 reports. Many thanks for the contacts.

We then made the very easy walk to our 7th summit of the day Mardale Ill Bell LDW-059 arriving at 1545. 15 contacts were made including s2s with Terry on Harter Fell LDW-048 / HLD-028, Derek and Heather who were still on Stoupdale Head and Nick and Geoff who were on Wansfell LDW-174 / HLD-054. After that we made a long descent to Nan Bield Pass and a steep ascent to the summit of Harter Fell LDW-048 / HLD-028 where we arrived at 1645 hrs local. 12 contacts were made including s2s with Terry G0VWP/P who was now on Kentmere Pike LDW-071 and also Nick and Geoff who were still on Wansfell. We made quick contacts as time was getting on and we then made our way to our 9th summit Kentmere Pike LDW-071. We arrived at 1739 local and made 14 contacts including MW0UPH/P on NW-064, Karen 2W0XYL/P and Barry MW0IML/P who were both on NW-074. S2s was also made with Terry G0VWP/P who was now on Shipman Knotts LDW-133.

After finishing there we made our way to our 10th and last summit Shipman Knotts LDW-133 arriving at 1830 hrs local. 13 contacts were made from there. We left the summit at 1850 hrs and after meeting up with Terry who was way down the mountain we walked back to Kentmere Church arriving there at 2010 hrs.

We walked approximately 15 miles and did about 3700 feet of ascent. It took us 12 hours, approximately 4 hours were spent operating. It was a superb walk and we were so lucky in that we had excellent weather and superb visibility. 134 contacts were made in total including working Brian G4ZRP and Mike G4BLH/M on both 2m and 23 cms.

It was great to have so many contacts not only with fixed station but with many stations on summits. Thanks to all stations worked and for all the spots. Also thanks to Mark MM1MPB for joining me on the walk.

Geoff GM4WHA

Garburn road about 5 - 10 mins from the car.

Looking back at our route.

Our ascent of Sallows LDW-166. In the distance is where would eventually go.

In the far distance with snow is the last part of our route. It would be another 7 hours before we got to Kentmere Pike in the distance. I think i am right!!

Closeup of Yoke LDW-085 from descent of Sallows.

The path up to Yoke.

Ill Bell LDW-060 / HLD-035 from near Yoke.

View of NanBield pass from between Yoke and Ill Bell LDW-Ill Bell LDW-060 / HLD-035 .

Looking towards Nan Bield and Harter fell.

Part of the last stretch of the Kentmere horseshoe.

Kentmere Reservoir

Ill Bell LDW-060 / HLD-035 ahead. Very good path.

Looking back from near Ill Bell LDW-060 / HLD-035 .

Operating from Ill Bell LDW-060 / HLD-035 .

The route towards Frostwick.

Thornthwaite Crag LDW-043.

Operating 23cms from High Street LD-011/LDW-025.

Harter Fell LDW-048 / HLD-028 from near Mardale ill Bell LDW-059.

Looking back to start of the horseshoe.

Small Water and Haweswater from Nan Bield.

Path from Harter Fell towards Kentmere Pike LDW-071.

Looking back to where we had been from Kentmere Pike LDW-071.

The descent to Shipman Knotts LDW-133.

Looking back to part of our route from near Kentmere.

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hi geoff more cracking photos and a good guide for me, these ones are all on the to do list the photos help familiarize the route in your head when you do it
73 reg 2e0ldf