Last minute activation of High Pike LDW-107

As I was on holiday today, I decided to possibly do High Pike LDW-107 with my wife and daughter. As nothing was certain I did not put up an alert in case they changed their mind. Any way we set off and parked up near Calebreck just outside Hesket Newmarket.

I only need 6 fells to complete the Northern Fells book as an activator and High Pike was one on its own and looked quite easy. Normally you would do Carrock Fell and High Pike together, but I did Carrock Fell on 23rd May 2010. At that time, I was unable to do High Pike as well.

The remaining Northern Fells I need are: -


Great Calva

Souter Fell

Bannerdale Crags

Bowscale Fell

I can do these in 2 walks so that is my aim.

Anyway, we set off at about 12.00 and reached the summit at about 1.25pm. It is an easy route and not hard. However, I went wrong at the start but quickly realised so made a correction to get on the right path!

I made 4 contacts from the summit. 2E0IKM, 2E0LDF, MM7RTN/M and GM3VMB.

The views were poor as it was quite murky but not cold. There were a few people about and we saw a few on the summit itself. We were probably on the summit about 30 mins or so and after having something to eat we set off back. The return journey took about an hour.

It was an easy walk and if it was clear the views would be good.

Looking back to the parking area at the start of the walk.

Looking towards Carrock Fell.

High Pike summit in the distance.

About 20 mins from the summit of High Pike. Looking back and also Carrock Fell on the right.

My daughter’s photo of me operating.

I like a coffee when i am walking.

Looking back to summit shelter and trig point as we set off back down.

Looking back to High Pike.

My GPS track. You can see where i went wrong!!

73’s Geoff



hi geoff
it was good to get you on LDW-107, it’s a difficult one for me but at least we made it
strange thing you were a lot stronger on the calling channel
if you want a slow unfit walking partner/guide for the last northern fells i’m always up for it
good photos for what looks like poor conditions
73 reg

Hi Reg,

I have found many times over the years a station is strong on S20 but when they QSY there signal has dropped considerably! Sometimes if you move a bit on a summit it can be the difference between someone hearing you and not. We made contact though which was great! It is always nice to give points to as many people as possible.

Yes i would like to take you up on your kind offer. I certainly dont mind taking it easy on a walk. Bakestall and Great Calva looks quite a tough walk. Just out of interest which would you say is the best route? When i am able to get out again i may do that next because it does look harder than the other 3 summits i need. However i am going by what the terrain looks like on a map.

Visibility was poor. It was quite murky and at one stage cloud did cover Carrock Fell but not for to long.

73’s Geoff


hi geoff
i did it from Peter House there is parking for about 6 cars and followed the bridal way up to skiddaw house and took the path(hard to find) up to Great Calva, at the time i found it fairly easy on the way back i went up Bakstall via bakestall edge and that was very steep and tough going requiring many stops
i was passed by 2 fell runners so maybe it was just me that found it hard

73 reg

I’m liking the reportage photography @GM4WHA Geoff! Good to get some action shots. I’m off later in the week, I still have Fairfield Horseshoe near the top of my list, hoping to get that completed.

No chance of QSOs on the Northerly Fells for me, still don’t have HF at home so unless I can get out portable it’s not going to happen!

Regards, Mark.

Hi Reg,

Thank you for the information. I will let you know when i am able to do the walk. Certainly the walk up Bakestall looks steep!!

73’s Geoff


Hi Mark,

I only put up a few photos as to be honest there was not a huge lot to see! Distant views were really non existent. Still it was a good walk and it was warm to.

Hope you manage to get the Fairfield horseshoe finished this week. As i am back at work tomorrow it is highly unlikely i will get you on any although i worked Andy on Hart Crag from Carlisle which was surprising!

73’s Geoff


Sorry I missed you. I’ll pinch the route…