LD Sunsets - Gummer's How & Hallin Fell

The past two evenings I’ve had the opportunity to get out on the fells, and given my lack of fitness chose the old favourite yesterday, Gummer’s How, and then a first for me tonight, Hallin Fell which was magical and well worth the effort to get there.

Visibility was excellent both evenings - it’s the second time now that I’ve been able to see the Welsh mountains from Gummer’s How.

Here are a couple of panoramas.

Gummers How

Hallin Fell

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Thanks for the S2S earlier Mark from FL/VO-021. What antenna were you using as you were very loud (despite the noise).

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Hi Robert

Yes thanks for the SOTA S2S. I was kind of cheating this evening - I took the FT-857, Sotabeams Band Hopper IV with the Sotabeams Tactical 8m mast. 100w makes a big difference!

Have a great time. Cheers, Mark.

17:43 SQ9PUW 20m SSB 59 55 Christoph
17:44 OH3GZ 20m SSB 59 59 JUKKA
17:48 EG7SDC 20m SSB 59 59 Santina
17:51 S51MG 20m SSB 59 59 Mary
17:55 G4OBK 40m SSB 59 59 Philip
17:57 GI0BFD 40m SSB 59 59 Alwyn
17:58 2E0GBA 40m SSB 59 59 Ian
17:59 GM4NFI 40m SSB 59 59 Dave
18:00 GI4ONC 40m SSB 59 59 Edward
18:01 GI0AZA 40m SSB 59 59 Esther
18:03 G4OOE 40m SSB 59 59 A.R.N.
18:04 F4IOQ 40m SSB 59 59 Thomas
18:05 GI0AZB 40m SSB 59 59 Ian
18:07 IN3LQB 40m SSB 59 59 Paul
18:17 F/M0RWX/P 40m SSB 44 58 Robert SOTA FL/VO-021
18:29 M0KEB 80m SSB 59 59 Kevin