LDW-040 Grisedale Pike 17/05/2024

I like a nice view from the summits , but don’t seem to have much luck with Grisedale Pike or Grassmoor.
The low cloud did at least make for a cool comfortable walk up and it was mild with no wind at the top and had some good contacts including Ray GM4CXM from North of the Clyde, MM3XIA and Mark G7SXR Near Leeds who I generally speak to when down in N Yorkshire or on 40m plus Darrel GI4KSO and Norman MI6LNP from .


Going up.

Taking in “the panoramic views” from the summit

Cotton Grass

Looking back on the descent . Great timing eh?

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Hi Richard,

Some very good contacts from the summit. A good antennae and 25 watts makes a big difference. It was good you had some views.

73’s Geoff


It was quite clear just below the activation zone Geoff and the temperature was just nice for walking .