LDW-188 Barrow Fell 10/02/22

My Wife & I had to go to Keswick today and fancied a walk on the way , so after a quick look at the forecast thought we’d take a chance and do Barrow Fell , we are building our fitness back up after a couple of years neglecting the fells, and so posted a last minute activation for midday before setting off.
We reached the summit about 11:40 and there was a bit of a draught up there. I am new to all this WOTA/SOTA but I have quite a bit of experience handling fishing gear like rods umbrellas and boats in what most Lakeland weather can throw at them , so boldly put up my antenna and stood back and watched as the poles bent in the “breeze” like a rod with a decent pike on the end .
I made my first call right on time which was kindly answered by Tim G4YTD , who was now talking to someone using a horizontally polarised antenna! My “assistant” saw my predicament and adjusted the polarity for me as I was writing notes , this improved the signal report somewhat . Tim thought this might make a good photo !
I had another two calls immediately from Geoff G4WHA/A who I last spoke to on Ling Fell a week or so ago and John G0TDM . Thank you all for calling in and being part of my experience today .
I put the remote aerial away and stayed another quarter of an hour just using a fixed one on the hand held , then headed down , while we were still enjoying it, so sorry to anyone who may have seen the spot , and came on after 12:20 or so.
Another learning experience , and nothing broke , it was just the inadequate guy lines and pegs I was using and where the antenna joined the pole needed modified a bit , but it was maybe a bit ambitious trying to use that particular aerial today , after deciding not to on Ling fell in less severe conditions opting for the fixed hand held whip so avoid what happened today .
73 Richard . M7MGO

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for the contact yesterday. I know what you mean about putting up roach poles on summits when it is very windy!

Nice view onto Derwent water though although it looks cold! Look forward to working you again when you are next out.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

hi Richard
i had the radio on listening for you but could not hear anything, but we did have Grisedale Pike in between us so i suppose it’s not surprising
it’s great that you are taking every opportunity to get out
73 reg 2e0ldf

Yes we weren’t up too long either Reg, decided to move on before, enjoyment became endurance . At least we’re back on the tops after a year or two.
Richard. 73

Yes Thanks Geoff
Wasn’t too cold initially , but the wind chill eventually has an effect as you’ll know .
Cheers, and 73
Richard M7MGO

Nice write up. Here’s to a load more activations.

Cheers Alex.
Definitely more on the cards .

Thanks for the report Richard, being down in Windermere I’m often oblivious to what is happening in North Lakes given the rock in the way. Welcome to WOTA, I believe you are fairly new to this game. Hope you say ‘hooked’ :wink:

You can go many activations without a ‘learning experience’ where everything works, but of course it is the learning experiences that lead to those runs. I’ve tried all sorts and still do, 5 years into this game. It’s part of the fun.

Great photos, always good to see someone grimacing on a hill holding an antenna :rofl:

Regards, Mark. M0NOM.

Thanks Mark.
It’s another interest to draw us outdoors , if an excuse was really needed !