Lord's Seat / Barf 7/12/2022

Nice to be back out on the Fells after not being out since Binsey on that SOTA weekend if I recall. I managed to insert myself into my Wife and Mother in law’s annual trip out to Keswick theatre “offering” to drop them off and pick them up again , assuring them I’d find some way to keep myself occupied while they were enjoying themselves in the nice warm theatre . :wink:
It was cold and well below zero with great clear views, but fortunately not much of a breeze and I was able to get myself with my back to it, and the low Winter sun give jut enough warmth to keep the digits operating well enough to write and press buttons. Took the plant pot antenna which I could set up with gloves on .Thanks to all the regular contactees (particularly when they inform you’ve just announced the reference code for the summit you did earlier) it was also nice to get at least two new contacts in my log as well.
All the best and 73
Richard (2E0XGO/P)


Missed you yet again Richard I would be at work…at the base of your antenna in the photo is were we are working on the side of Latrigg. Great photo hopefully catch you on your next one… :+1:

Cheers Mike ! Plenty more opportunities in future no doubt .
Catch you soon.

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