Low Fell and Fellbarrow Wed 1st March 2023

Low Fell and Fellbarrow Wed 1st Mar 2023.

After discussing with Reg 2E0LDF about doing a walk we decided to do Low Fell LD-042 / LDW-196 and also Fellbarrow LDW-199.

I chose Wed 1st Mar as Nick G4OOE and Geoff M0PYG were staying in the lakes that week and there was a possibility of a summit to summit.

I set off from home at 0750hrs and instead of taking the normal route to Thackthwaite I chose the longer route via the M6 to Penrith, then the A66 and finally over Whinlatter pass and through High Lorton. The reason was there are some major roadworks going the normal way and I could have been held up.

I arrived at Thackthwaite at 0915 where Reg was waiting. We set off at 0925 and arrived at the summit at 1041hrs.

The distance was 2.07 miles. The walk is very easy over grass. For a change we had nice views and although it was cold it was fine. On Low Fell it was very windy and very cold. The view down to Crummock water was excellent as well as the views to other Wainwrights that I had walked in the past.

As were walking up part of the front sole of my boots came away which was a bit of a pain. However Reg had insulation tape with him so I taped it up. It lasted a bit then came away again. I then realised I had cable ties with me so I cable tied it and that lasted for the rest of the walk. The boots are 15 years old so I can’t complain. They are Meindols so I will see if they can be repaired.

We started operating at 11.00 and the following stations were worked:-








2E0XGO/P who was still on Dent for a summit to summit.

We were using Reg’s roach pole at 3m with a mobile aerial on top.

We left the summit at 11:35hrs after all contacts dried up. It is easy to see why Low Fell is hard to get out from especially to the south.

We then made our way across to Fellbarrow LDW-199. We arrived at the trig point at 1205 hrs.

The following stations were worked:-









We managed to get a summit to summit with Geoff and Nick who were on Skiddaw.

The distance back to the car from Fellbarrow was 1.4 miles.

We were lucky with the weather as it remained fine but very windy on the tops. The walk from Low Fell to Fellbarrow is about 1.2 miles. In total we did about 4.82 miles.

GPX track.

Many thanks to Reg for accompanying on the walk. Also many thanks to all chasers.

ADDENDUM The times on the photos are 1 hour out as i did not change from BST.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA


Great photos sorry to miss you both but at work :frowning_face:…the views from Low fell are superb especially when the sun is shining…hopefully catch you on the next one :+1:

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Smashing pictures Geoff , the views from Low fell always impressive . Great to get the summit contact with you both from Dent where I seemed less affected by the elements than you were , and also nice to hear you both from the top of Blake fell today .
All the best.

thanks for the company and motivation to get out. I did struggle a bit on the way up from lack of fitness but Geoff being the perfect walking companion took it as a photo opportunity
excellent photos Geoff but they don’t show how strong or cold the wind was

look forward to the next one

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Hi Reg
Thank you for coming out with me. I dont mind how long it takes us to get to the summit top. The best thing was it was clear and not raining! Mind you it was cold especially with the wind chill on Low Fell but we had a great activation. 8 contacts mid week was great especially as the take off down to the south was blocked by higher fells.

Look forward to getting out with you again when i have some free time.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Hi Mike,

Hopefully i will catch you when you are next out or vice versa. When you are working it is not easy chasing!

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the comments. I always like to see other peoples photos of there activations.

The views over Crummock Water are very impressive and the walk up Low fell is very easy to.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

I had a pair of boots do that Geoff. made walking fun :slight_smile:

Great report Geoff, with good photos including from Reg. Excellent description of typical activation experiences in winter. I think the view from Low Fell to Crummock and beyond must be a candidate for best in the Lake District. Evenings are fantastic up there. 73, Phil

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Hi Phil,

I really like the black and white photo. I used to shoot alot of black and white and developed and printed them. I will have to convert some of my pictures to black and white and compare.

73’s Geoff