M0PYG & G4OOE LD visit 11-16 Jan 24

Hello all
Just to let the WOTA community know that Geoff M0PYG and I enjoyed our recent trip so much that we are back in Patterdale from 11th - 16th Feb to do some more WOTA & SOTA summits. Not sure of the plans yet but of course it will be weather dependant.
Nick G4OOE

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hi nick
not sure i will get you both, wx permitting we are going to Poole on the 11th it would have been great to get another s2s with you

BUT the Mett Office are forcasting snow from Norway on the 10th which is bold of them. Round this neck of the woods they can’t get the next day right never mind so far in advance

73 reg 2e0ldf

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